I woke this morning, and the first word that popped into my head was just that – Promise.

I have never been one for protracted New Years resolutions, but somehow, something feels different this morning.

Perhaps it is the process of aging that I am more aware of, but as this year begins, and the memories of last year fade away, I felt the need to make some resolutions, to resolve to change a few things, to instill some new thinking, develop a new habit or three, to take a step forward this year, but most importantly to approach the year ahead with a plan.

1. To write something at least once a week. I think that this action will help me clarify my thoughts and determine how I become a more effective communicator. So watch this space.

2. To take better care of my health. I discovered some great healthy eating tips in 2011, now I need to keep at it, keep tweaking it,make it optimum and find the best balance.

3. To take more exercise. Following on from number 2, this one is also becoming more important as I grow older. I made it to the gym as per the Vitality minimum requirements, but I know I can do better. So this year, the aim is to go at least 52 times, but to push for double that.

4. To implement a financial savings plan. With all the uncertainty I faced last year I discovered that one thing that helps me sleep a little better is to have some cash in reserve. So I start 2012 off with a positive savings balance. A little put away every month makes all the difference. 4.1 – To implement a debt restructuring plan. Also underway and will require even more discipline than 1,2 and 3 above. But there is a plan.

5. To make more time to see the people who are important to me. With a mere 52 weekends ahead, this one is going to be tough. But I have a plan. To celebrate life. So when the opportunities arise, expect more party invitations from me this year.


So those are my NYR’s.

May 2012 be filled with all things good,  may the promise of what lies ahead reach fulfillment, and may you and your families be blessed with all things wonderful.