Collaboration – Photos and Fiction, can they work together?

A short while ago a dear friend twisted my ear over coffee and tried to convince me to add photo’s to my blog.

At first, I resisted. I mean, why would I want to do that? I use words, adjectives, to describe things I see.

Then I saw some of Zoe Moosmans pictures and I was instantly taken by the idea. Allow me to share this with you, the community.

I write about people I see everyday. Someone I walk past, someone sitting at a security desk, others doing jobs they hate
and others doing jobs they love. I try and capture what I see, and perhaps a little bit about how they feel in a few word. The
rules are simple – I must do this in less that 1500 words, preferably between 800 and 1200 words. I must build a character
that people love, or hate, or identify with, or who they see in someone they know. And then I want to bring people to my readers
who they have never spared a second thought for, someone they would not even see as human (today I wrote about a prisoner
serving 30 years who writes to his mother, telling her he loves her…

So can photos play a part in my story telling? what do yo think?


One thought on “Collaboration – Photos and Fiction, can they work together?

  1. juliamukuddem says:

    It can work … maybe one pic per story …?

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